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Lawson Aquatics SuperGrip Parallel 12" Grating System - PA-12 - Sold Per Foot

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1.50 LBS
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Product Description

‚ÄčSuperGrip® Parallel Grating System

Known for its quick capture of pool wake and noise reduction the SuperGrip Parallel Gratings System offers a distinctive design to collect water quickly and reduce the acoustics of commercial gutters. This grating system can be easily installed to virtually any free-form design.
An added feature to this product line is the Quiet-Flow® Technology. This technology leads to faster water for competition pools and reduces gutter width requirements while decreasing the need to slope gutters.

SuperGrip® Grating Benefits

  • Increased coefficient of friction to 0.8 ASTM, the highest of any pool grate
  • Made from the highest quality, low heat absorption, outdoor grade PVC for its flexibility, strength and UV protection
  • Tested for (ASTM E-661) load-to-failure and deflection at 200 pounds
  • Tested for color fastness and UV stability (ASTM G-154, exceeding 750 hours)
  • Carries the industry’s best 10-year warranty
  • Water is never locked within the pattern and therefore mitigates algae growth.
  • Available in three colors (white, bone, and gray)
  • Types of SuperGrip™ grating include perpendicular or parallel systems


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** Other sizes available upon request. 

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